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Patient Testimonials

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I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful care I have received from Chiropractic of the Carolinas. The entire staff is very professional & kind, and Dr. Weiler is AWESOME!!!!

Julie K.


I was involved in a 75 mph head-on collision resulting in severe shoulder and neck injuries. Dr. Cummings restored my neck movements, as well as shoulder and arm function. His treatments restored my quality of life to what it was before this debilitating car accident. I trust his treatment decisions and will continue to see him as long as needed.

Deborah C.


I suffer from chronic lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. It was so bad that just riding in a car became very difficult. After 2 times a week for for weeks, I am basically pain fee except for one which still requires an occasional supportive visit. It is great not to have to beg my husband to rub my back or use my electronic massager. It is back in the closet collecting dust. Dr. Weiler is so professional, helpful, knowledgable and enthusiastic. as well as Dr. Cummings. The experience has been great! The office staff is great too!!

Betty M.


I have chronic back pain and poor posture. This started in my early adult life. The pain would keep me from exercising and affect my moods. I was also ver embarrassed by my posture. I wish I would have gone to Chiropractic of the Carolinas years ago! I’m amazed of how much better I feel and how much more active I’ve become.

Kristie H.


One day while going to my pediatrician’s office I happened to notice Chiropractic of the Carolinas. At the time I had a lot of pain in my neck with a limited range of motion and ongoing pain in my shoulders since 1993. I visited an orthopedic surgeon who prescribed pain medication which helped the symptom of my problem but not the source of my problem. Previously I tried another chiropracor who seemed to do the same adjustment every time I visited him which provided only minimal results. When I had my first appointment with Dr. Cummings he did a thorough exam and took the time to review my records from the orthopedic surgeon. He explained that having a treatment plan was essential to making progress. I found him to be both extremely knowledgeable and professional. I also had the opportunity to be treated by Dr. Weiler on occassion and I found him just as knowledgeable and professional. After completing my treatment paln I was truly amazed at the progress I made. I now have full range of motion in my neck and the pain is gone. I continue to come to Chiropractic of the Carolinas for “tune-ups” which keep me feeling good. I had such a good experience with them that I bring my children in for adjustments and have referred my mother as well as some friends. When I find something that works I like to share it with others.

Kim G.


After childbirth my right hip would feel out of place and prevented me from walking, and working at a pet resort, I need to be able to walk. I started treatment at Chiropractic of the Carolinas in 2009 and have not had any issues with my hip since then and no problems have returned. Thank you!

Jessica B.


I was in a motor vehicle accident and was experiencing significant back and neck pain. Prior to visiting COC I was trying to self medicate with no success. The pain was worsening. This lasted over a month and everyday activities were more difficult to perform because of pain. Simple acts like playing with my children or even sitting at my desk were either difficult or impossible. My pain is now non-existant! A plan was created. The process was followed. The result was no pain. How about that!?! And to believe I was actually a skeptic of chiropractic. I’m now a believer. Thanks everybody!

Kevin K.


I suffered from lower back pain for several years. Neck pain was sporadic and resulted from a rear end collision 10-15 years ago. I have to admit I was skeptical but several people recommended chiropractic care. I am a firm believer now. Positive impact on quality of life.

Karen B.


I suffered back pain from an auto accident and immediately sought chiropractic care. It has taken 2+ months of care, but has completely corrected the problem and eliminated the daily pain. It was accomplished without medicine- just massage and adjustments.

Steve R.


I had a car wreck 2 years ago and had very bad pain in my left side of neck. Some days I’d have to take up to 4 ibuprofen every 4 hours. I don’t like to take meds. Has chiropractic care helped – yes – yes – yes. After the first time Dr. Weiler adjusted me I could sleep so much better. I realized how bad I did feel and how uncomfortable it was when I tried to sleep before.

Betsy B.


I had neck, shoulder and wrist pain and carpal tunnel. The pasin was severe enough to keep me out of work for an extended period. Chiropractic care definitely has helped. The pain level has decreased to almost none. I can lift and move boxes again, and will return to work much soner than if I had not come to Chiropractic of the Carolinas.

Frank V.


My major complaint has been lower back and leg pain. I have been suffering from this condition since 2006. It has effected my life from being unable to do some basic tasks at home and at work. Also has affected my sleep. Chiropractic care has helped me in being able to function on a daily basis at home and at work. My days have less pain in my lower back, legs and neck. Also fewer headaches.

Susan H.


My lower back was killing me for 3 years! Chiropractic care has helped me! I feel little to no pain!

Joshua W.


I love Chiropractic of the Carolinas! When my husband and I moved out of the area, I had no idea how much I would miss them! They have the BEST service in the Upstate. I could not recommend a better chiropractic office in the state!

Macy D.


My daughter suffered from back pain from carrying a very heavy back pack for years….Dr. Weiler has done so much to help her.She felt better almost immediately. She has also gone in with a headache to see him and come out minutes later feeling WONDERFUL. Many times she has come out saying “I never knew how bad I felt until I come out feeling so much better!”

Renee P.


Some of the best Chiropractors I’ve ever seen!

Julie B.


Knowledgeable, competent, compassionate, skilled, outstanding diagnosticians, caring……come see for yourself!!

Maureen K.


I was having lower back pain as well as had a pinched nerve in my lower back. About a year ago it kept on getting worse till I was about to lose my mind from all the pain! Could not get any relief until I came to Dr. Weileranf he worked on my back. I am now relieved of my back pain and I feel like I can live my life again with Dr. Weiler’s help.I feel like a new person!!

Lavada J.


Physical therapy, exercises and medications did nothing to relieve my pain. I’ve had debilitating pain in my back for nearly 2 years. I was greatly limited in my ability to exercise and participate in family games (basketball, tennis, etc.)….even had difficulty going from a sitting to standing position without pain. My Rheumatologist referred me to COTC and now I am virtually pain-free for the first time in 2 years! I even went for a 25-mile bike ride with my family today! The difference in how I feel (physically and emotionally) is unbelievable!

Beth S.


Yet another reason why we love our chiropractor – baby James got two thumbs up on his ears this morning at our check up. Thanks for helping us kick the ear infections!!

Andrea H.


Ok – if any body who lives in Greenville needs a Chiropractor…look no more. These Doctors and this office is the best. My whole family goes there. Awesome!!!

Kim H.

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